Should we be educating our customers

Every year the transmission in our vehicles becomes even more complex.
This means that we as a company have to invest in up to date equipment and training to enable us to keep abreast of new developments.
How many of today's drivers realize that their transmission is just as likely to be an electric motor as the hydraulic unit they think it is.
We now have manual gearboxes with dual clutch systems and very complex electrohydraulic control also hybrids with the Aisian Seiko unit which uses medium duty electric motors coupled to planetary gear units with armatures that can produce near infinite variability in the transmission.
All these units have one thing in common, when they develop a fault they go into limited operations mode or limp home as we call it. This means the customer will always say it has got the same fault as before
The customer needs to know that nearly everything on the car from tyre size and pressure, steering, brakes are now all part of the transmission and how it functions.
With every year more complex controls being added